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Lucas is 12 weeks old today!

Last night he slept 8.5 hours straight (9 PM to 530 AM). I must be seriously blessed. This morning I was able to get him to sleep in his crib after a lot of crying and fits. It makes me feel horrible to let him cry even a minute… But I put him in his crib, he cried really hard for a minute, then I went in and picked him up. I thought maybe he was hungry (he snacks a lot in the morning- I don’t know how to get him to eat a full bottle so I just humour him! :P), but he only ate a half-ounce before fussing again. So I started rocking him and he got relaxed and drowsy so I knew he was tired! Instead of continuing to rock him, I went in and put him into his crib. He started bawling again but I swaddled him and turned on his white noise machine. Within 30 seconds to a minute, he slowly wound down, and fell asleep for 30 minutes! Halllllelujah!!!

Also, I’m thinking about getting some gDiapers. I put some gPants, pouches, and inserts on my Christmas list. I told my hubby about wanting to try CDing, and he said “fine, but it sounds like a huge pain in the a__ to me!” :/ Hmm, well at least I can try, right?

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